About Us

Who We Are

Raw Ethos is a locally owned artisan skincare company dedicated to providing ethically sourced, raw and natural butters and skincare products.  We are devoted to quality, both of the raw ingredients and of the handcrafted skincare, which are free from all chemicals, preservatives, and other additives.

Our Principles

Raw Ethos seeks to be at peace with the community, both local and at large. In order to promote the welfare of others, Raw Ethos seeks to only source from suppliers that have ethical practices and aim for fair trade relationships with the growers and communities overseas.

Raw Ethos believes in the power of natural ingredients to help heal and promote health. As such, Raw Ethos is dedicated to avoiding the use of any harmful chemicals both in production and in packaging. The products at Raw Ethos, thus, have a shorter shelf life (in some cases) due to no added preservatives. This is to ensure that you are using the most pure and healthy products available.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide ethically sourced, quality, natural or raw products to the socially responsible and health conscious individual. Whether for hair, skin care, or beauty products, we aim to serve those of all colors, ethnicity, age, ability, gender, and sexual identity.

We thank you for your support!